ICEARY is a great resource for educational program support, training, legislative leadership, information exchange, advocacy, and other support services. ICEARY members share many of the same experiences, which are often only understood by those who also work with at-risk youth.  ICEARY brings together educators, administrators, counselors, and advocates to share experiences, ideas, successes, and failures.  Our work is to provide those students, who are all too often given up on, a solid foundation and path to success. As we know the greater support and help a student has, the more likely they will be to succeed. Just as those students need help, ICEARY needs the help and support of schools, staff, and public to provide support that at-risk students need to be successful.  With your help, we are able to work with schools to provide Alternative Learning Opportunity Programs, Truants Alternative and Optimal Education Programs, and Regional Safe Schools Programs.